Josh Hanson For Sheriff

Endorsed by Goodhue County Deputy’s Local 91

Josh has over 23 years of military and public safety experience. Josh’s military service began during the initial hours of the Global War on Terror as part of a Joint Special Operations Task Force and continued to the final hours of the Iraq war with the MN Army National Guard. His local law enforcement experience has involved almost every aspect of the law enforcement effort in Goodhue County to include municipal (city) and county law enforcement, patrol, special teams and assignments, administration, command staff and is currently the Goodhue County Emergency Management Director – working with all government, private and volunteer aspects and partnerships. Josh has received numerous awards and decorations in the military and in law enforcement. Josh has over two decades of training, education, and experience which he brings to Goodhue County’s public safety effort and to his candidacy for the Office of Goodhue County Sheriff.

Public safety during these most uncertain and challenging times is my main priority. Ensuring the safety and security of your family, your property and preserving the peaceful way of life in Goodhue County is my mission. It will be achieved through strength in community partnerships, a comprehensive law enforcement model, and a proactive response to all the challenges Goodhue County faces today and tomorrow. We need to look ahead to what's coming next. However, taking care of YOU begins with taking care of those tasked to protect you.


I believe these are some of the most challenging times for our protectors. The profession is in crisis, and our current administration is failing them. As a result, we are failing our communities. With renewed leadership and vision, we can start to change this most unfortunate course our protectors find themselves on today. Our community and YOU deserve an exceptional level of public safety service for your tax dollars. Anything short of this vision is failure – and responsibility for this starts at the top.


The goal is simple –


Under my administration, Goodhue County will set an example for others to follow. We will lead in education, training, and standards. We will prioritize staff health and wellness. As a community, we will take on the mental health crisis, human trafficking, the opioid crisis, catalytic converter theft, and work for responsible change in law enforcement. Together, we will establish an unprecedented, transparent, and proactive public safety effort in Goodhue County. For today and for tomorrow. 

VOTE NOV. 2022


It all starts with a purpose - Mission Statement:

To ensure a well-rounded, highly trained, and competent effort providing public safety services and protection to our citizens, with integrity, community investment, selfless service, courage, compassion, and common sense – 


“Where there is no vision the people perish.” – Proverbs 29:18

My Career

In 2005, Josh would begin his law enforcement career with Goodhue, initially as a part-time Police Officer. After a short time would be hired as the Chief of Police. 

In 2007, Josh became a Police Officer with the City of Kenyon. The City went away from contract policing with the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office. It determined a course to re-establish and maintain its police services, which it still retains today.

In 2009 Josh was hired as a Patrol Deputy with the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office. In addition to his Patrol duties, he also found himself assigned as a Four Seasons & Water Patrol Deputy working in the Recreational Enforcement Division. Josh also held assignments as a Field Training Officer (FTO), Crime Prevention Specialist. He took on various community engagement roles throughout the County.

My Family

Josh’s career over the last two decades has been demanding for time. It makes balancing career, family, and necessary personal time a challenge. Josh believes in caring for his people, knowing the difficulty of balancing a demanding professional career with an equally challenging and crucial personal life and family time.
Married to BreAnna Hanson, a Deputy, Josh and his wife have two beautiful and full of character daughters who keep them both running in the off-duty hours. Evening activity runs, school work and typical family functions increasingly make personal time cherished.

"Leadership in this County has a very simple but consequential choice – we either dedicate ourselves to revisioning how we do law enforcement here, starting with taking care of our people first, focusing on mental and physical health, training, education and standards and pay. If we don’t, someone or some other agenda will."

My Military Career

Josh Hanson Graduated from Red Wing High School in 1999. He left for service in the United States Army, attending basic training and the initial Army Infantry course at Fort Benning, a historically rich training ground.

Following completing his initial entry courses, Josh would complete the U.S. Army Airborne School and then the U.S. Army’s Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP). Josh was hand-picked for assignment with the 3RD Ranger Battalion, 75TH Ranger Regiment, part of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC).

In September 2001, Josh would be part of a Special Operations Task Force spearheading Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) and the U.S. Involvement in Afghanistan in the days following the 911 Terrorist Attacks. 

"The inspiration of a noble cause involving human interests wide and far enables men to do things they did not dream themselves capable of before, and which they were not capable of alone. The consciousness of belonging, vitally, to something beyond individuality; of being part of a personality that reaches we know not where, in space and time, greatens the heart to the limit of the souls ideal, and builds out the supreme character."

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