About Josh Hanson

Josh and his wife share a firm belief in physical fitness of which they have also introduced to their two daughters. Over the last two decades in military and emergency services, the fact remains that too many in the field are undertrained and lack a fundamental understanding of the importance of maintaining physical fitness. 

Josh understands how this contributes to a level of mental health to handle the rigors of the law enforcement career. With the importance of this equally downplayed by many administrations, Josh believes change starts with himself and setting the example for others to follow.

If Josh had to omit fishing from his recreational toolbox and had to pick the next best thing, anyone who knows Josh knows what this is. Good conversation with good company to solve the world’s problems. Many personal crisis matters have been worked through by the simple peer interactions, which have truthfully played into Josh’s professional status and involvement in the Peer Support Program. The post-George Floyd era has taken a toll on law enforcement, friends, and families. Sometimes just simple peer-on-peer time, at minimum, a time to vent, carries a long way towards mental resiliency.

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