Personal Life


Josh’s career over the last two decades has been demanding for time. It makes balancing career, family, and necessary personal time a challenge. Josh believes in caring for his people, knowing the difficulty of balancing a demanding professional career with an equally challenging and crucial personal life and family time.
Married to BreAnna Hanson, a Deputy, Josh and his wife have two beautiful and full of character daughters who keep them both running in the off-duty hours. Evening activity runs, school work and typical family functions increasingly make personal time cherished.


Outside of his professional and family time, Josh enjoys his time on the Mississippi River, Pool 4, pursuing walleye year-round through spring, summer, fall, and winter months. Time on the water, in general, is Josh’s refuge from the chaos of life and his career. Winter nights dragging jigs along the frozen banks of the open water river remain some of Josh’s favorite off-the-clock moments, regardless of the frigid January and February temps in the boat. The river provides a fantastic opportunity for avid anglers, and Josh has grown to appreciate this each year.

Personal Beliefs

Josh believes in God. He believes in this country, the U.S. Constitution, and the freedoms provided by the U.S. Bill of Rights. Josh believes in service to his country and community here in Goodhue County.

Josh believes hard work and determination will accomplish even the most daunting tasks. He considers leadership, loyalty, selfless service, integrity, duty, personal courage, moral courage, and respect for others and self are critical pillars of anyone’s or any organization’s value system.

Josh believes in leading from the front, displaying courage, and setting the example for his peers to follow. 

Josh believes in the “silent professional”. Actions mean more than words.

Josh believes in maintaining a work-life balance. To be successful at work, you must first take care of yourself and your family.

Josh believes that many of today’s issues start with a lack of leadership. Leadership begins with simply having the right intent and knowing your people. Those in charge lacking the critical pillars in their value system—trickles down to the subordinate levels poisoning the organization.

Josh believes in standing for the innocent and the weak, controlling fear in the face of adversity, and sitting back and taking time to enjoy the good moments that life gives to us.

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