My Agenda

It all starts with a purpose – Mission Statement:

To ensure a well-rounded, highly trained, and competent effort providing public safety services and protection to our citizens, with integrity, community investment, selfless service, courage, compassion, and common sense – 


Counter a Declining Candidate Pool & Work Force.

Step one, take care of those we currently have to encourage retention. Step two, emphasize competitive pay, benefits and ensure a work environment of excellence.

Opioid Crisis, Human Trafficking & Catalytic Converter Theft Epidemic.

These efforts to counter this at the local level need to be a designated effort in our County, like narcotics, and parallel to drugs.

Establishment of a 24/7 Mental Health Crisis Response Team.

I will establish a county-wide team (Mutual-Aid Agreement) specializing in emergency mental health calls. The team will respond to people in mental health crises who threaten themselves or others or otherwise present complex circumstances requiring a specialized response. While the conversation continues on the "best approach," the requests for our first responders to respond to and handle these calls without error do not stop. We can take the initiative at the local level.


Comprehensive review and restructuring of current Office training model. We need to train to a higher standard. Our citizens deserve it. Our training program will set an example in the region.


Educational components incorporated into Office training plan. Our cops have to be the smartest ever to put on the uniform. They must overcome the challenges of the present and those anticipated for the future.

Supervisor & Leadership Development.

We must have leaders to ensure a competent law enforcement service to our County. We must have leaders confident enough to lead.

Patrol Model.

Incorporating a functional community, intelligence & information, investigative, and problem-solving based patrol strategy throughout Goodhue County. The times have changed, and so do we.

De-Escalation Capability.

Jail and Patrol Deputy(s) trained and equipped for safe and reasonable de-escalation in the field. Each shift will maintain its own well equipped, trained and validated de-escalation plan and capability.

Staff Mental and Physical Wellness Program.

Professional mental health support services will be integrated into the Office, available to all staff - sworn and not sworn. In addition, the Office will provide specialized support to staff to promote healthy diets, sleep, and physical fitness. Promote, not force. We’ll start a new culture recognizing its importance to public safety.

School, Business, and Special Event Safety & Security.

Active shooter and active-threat preparedness, mitigation, and response training and planning in Goodhue County. We will create an operational plan specific to Goodhue County. A comprehensive plan will include several available programs, accredited instructors, subject matter experts, with involvement from community stakeholders. We must also equip all fire, ems, and law enforcement with the tools and equipment necessary to respond to these events.

County-Wide Emergency Management & Preparedness.

As the leading authority in emergency management throughout Goodhue County, the Sheriff's Office will establish and lead a unified and comprehensive effort for emergency preparedness throughout the County and the communities within.

Common sense to the Bargaining Unit(s).

Reasonable & rational bargaining accomplished without intimidation, threats, retaliation – just common sense and communication.

Dispatch. Our dispatch is the lifeline of our County.

Our dispatch is understaffed & over-tasked – THEY need our help – we're going to give it to them.

Emergency Communications Infrastructure.

Continue to build and expand capabilities to become a regional leader.

Investigations. Our Investigations Division has been made ineffective.

From four (4) Investigators and a Narcotics Investigator to two Investigators and an overwhelmed Narcotics effort for our County. We must rebuild our investigative capability here in Goodhue County.

Budget Priority.

If it is not going to make Goodhue County's citizens safer and its protectors safer, more efficient & productive – we don't need it.

Improve Efficiency in Operations

Efficiency in government is always an area for improvement. Law enforcement is no exception to this rule. Looking to our private sector partners, we must also work to improve efficiency throughout all functions of the office. Some of these introductions will streamline communication, accomplish greater caseloads, improve overall efficiency, and improve the overall end-product of service to Goodhue County. This ultimately directs more time and effort to keeping YOU and our community safe.

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