Why I'm Running

To ensure a well-rounded, highly trained, and competent effort providing public safety services and protection to our citizens, with integrity, community investment, selfless service, courage, compassion, and common sense –

The Decision to Run for Sheriff

I am passionate about my service to Goodhue County. Keeping my family, neighbors, and fellow citizens safe, secure, and preserving the peaceful way of life here has become my life mission. 

 Over the last several years, I have noticed an alarming trend in the attack on law enforcement and the devalued mission law enforcement is tasked to accomplish daily. The simple failure of our leadership has brought me to the decision to pursue a position where I can take a stand to fix the profession while protecting our County. 
Before fixing the world, you must start with yourself and “your house.” The goal is simple –
Under my administration, Goodhue County will set an example for others to follow. We will lead in training, quality of service, staff health, and wellness, among other critical components to ensuring public safety in Goodhue County.
Law enforcement is undertrained, and too many lack basic but essential physical fitness.  Too many of our protectors struggle with mental health and wellness. Many administrations talk openly and wave their campaign flags over this issue – I plan to fix it. 
Change starts by setting the example and establishing the clear intent at the top, influencing each subordinate level to achieve these goals – that’s leadership. Leadership buy-in also lacks in the issues that matter today. 
I believe these are some of the most challenging times for our protectors. Our current leadership is failing them and our communities. With leadership and vision, we can start to change this most unfortunate environment our protectors find themselves in today. Our community and citizens deserve this. Anything short of this vision is failure – and responsibility for this starts at the top.

Failure to Lead

During the initial onset of COVID-19 and the initial days, weeks, and months of the George Floyd and “Police Reform” movement, I witnessed too many law enforcement leaders fail to act, fail to execute, and in the name of self-preservation and uncertainty, among other reasons, maintaining a safe and hidden posture. At the same time, our first responders navigated the uncharted territory and chaos in the field, undertrained, under supported, with no confidence in leadership. To maintain the sanctity and safety of our communities, we must first ensure that those tasked with the mission to provide this are trained and supported to an incredibly high standard. This starts by the top setting the example to follow and set the course. If we do not set the right path, someone, some entity, or the next agenda will set the course for us. I think that would likely result in adverse consequences.

"Moral courage is the most valuable and usually the most absent characteristic in men."


As cities across the country burned over “Police Reform,” our leadership chose to attack trivial issues such as uniform pant requirements and patches. It did not stop there. At the same time, our miracle workers in the field went day-to-day without training and little guidance from the chief elected official – the Sheriff. This would only continue.


Like other parts of our country, Goodhue County has been impacted by the Opioid Crisis, catalytic converter thefts, and communities simply falling victim to theft, drugs, and violence. As this occurs, our current leadership cuts investigations to a minimum, essentially rendering the Division operationally ineffective and unable to support efforts against these ongoing crises in our communities. 


A Chief Deputy who unfairly targeted staff over subjective issues. Working in subjectivity does not require facts, articulation, or credibility. Just the position. Most disturbing – the Sheriff who allowed it.

While our protectors continue to fight for basic pay raises, lack proper training, and struggle to have adequate equipment, the Sheriff, accepts never before seen salary increases. Self-serving leadership in plain sight.
All this and more has collapsed confidence in the current administration and destroyed initiative in the field – making you less safe.


A Country demanded law enforcement take a deep look inside and increase standards and training. However, our leadership only deteriorated standards and eliminated training. Budget surpluses were widely flaunted. The truth was that some of those surpluses resulted from time not spent in critical areas preparing our law enforcement for the challenges that lay in wait ahead of them. From the perspective of our protectors in the field – it’s off of their backs. 

“COVID,” like the word has been exploited for other purposes, has been the cover here in Goodhue County as well to articulate this reckless posture taken by our leadership. Just one example to illustrate this point, in the post-George Floyd days, the average Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office Deputy received three (3) hours of use of force training for the YEAR…Online training, a contagious and dangerous replacement for critical reality or scenario-based training, would account for additional hours of training. However, this is failing our front-line, which is failed leadership by definition.


 I believe my LEADERSHIP and VISION will correct the trajectory our Office is on with time, focused effort, and clear direction.
To seek critical change, I made the commitment to run for the Office of the Goodhue County Sheriff.


“To keep the wrong leader in the wrong place prevents the right leader from being in the right place.”​

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